Coming Soon

  • Renu Life Sciences, a Canadian healthcare company, specializing in the marketing and distribution of innovative, leading-edge natural health products and specialty pharmaceuticals is excited to announce the upcoming launch of the new, next generation Femarelle┬« line of products for the treatment of menopausal symptoms;
  • Offering Targeted Therapy for each stage of menopause and tools and resources to help you manage your symptoms;
  • PRE-MENOPAUSERejuvenate: focuses on the general reduction in quality of life of women
    40+: Decreased levels of Energy; Irritability; Dry skin; Wrinkles; Sleep Disturbances.
  • MENOPAUSE Recharge: focuses on the classic symptoms associated with menopause of women 50+: Hot flashes; Night Sweats; Palpitations; Fatigue; Vaginal Dryness; Insomnia.
  • POST-MENOPAUSEUnstoppable: focuses on the loss in bone mineral density (BMD) and
    joint/muscle pain of women 60+: Loss in Bone Mineral Density leading to Osteoporosis; Fatigue;
    Joint & Muscle Pain; Insomnia; Vaginal Dryness.

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